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It All Began More Than 40 Years Ago.

As we turned up Slagle Creek Road in the Applegate Valley, there was no way to know that our lives were about to change dramatically.  We stopped the car and got out.   Surrounded by quiet beauty,  we looked around and then at each other.  Was this it?  Was this the escape from LA that we had been looking for?

Forty years later that question has long been answered.

What started out as a desire to live with nature has turned into so much more.  We built a log house and planted a few vines.  By trial and error we continued to add more vines, sell our grapes and make some wine.  Then, in 2004, we made an enormous leap and began construction on a production facility.  Today, as you drive through the Applegate Valley and turn up Slagle Creek Road, you will arrive at Wooldridge Creek Winery, so named after the family that settled our small valley.

We remain enthusiastic and proud of the legacy we are creating. We believe that community and stewardship of the land are what it is all about.

Everyday we are amazed at how far and wide people have come to sample the wines and cheeses that we produce.  From our close friends with whom we shared our early wines, to the thousands who have visited our winery, joined our wine club, or purchased our wines on line, we are forever grateful.  Thank you!